Delays blamed on financial crisis and ISIS war

Villages in in Babil receive water supply after 9-year delay

BABIL, November 15 — Five villages in Babil’s Al-Nil sub-district will now receive water supplied by the Babil Water Directorate’s recently inaugurated Abu Ain station following a nine-year delay due to financial issues and the war against the Islamic State.

The 200 m3 Abu Ain water station was funded by the Emergency Food Security Law to alleviate a drinking water crisis affecting most villages in the Al-Nil sub-district.

Aqeel Hassan Tarad, the Director of Babil’s Water Directorate, told 964, “The project is crucial for the sub-district in providing water to five villages suffering from water scarcity, namely Rab’ Al-Falah, Beit Masrhad, Abood Al-Khatir, Bzayz Al-Jadwal, and Abu Ain.”

“Water supply networks for these areas have been connected to the new project to ensure a natural flow of water. With the completion of the Abu Ain complex, there are now 15 water desalination complexes,” he added.