Four trucks seized in an operation

Forestry police in Duhok arrest traders for illegal logging

DUHOK, November 14 — Duhok’s forestry police have arrested seven tradesmen on charges of illegally cutting down a large number of trees, revealing strict environmental protection regulations for those residing in mountainous areas.

During the autumn season, loggers cut down a substantial number of trees in mountainous regions, which are then sold to residents who use the wood as fuel for heating and cooking. Local government officials want to restrict this type of activity to preserve the region’s forests.

Ramadan Sairi, an official with the forestry police in Duhok, told 964, “We arrested seven individuals, prominent lumber traders involved in cutting large quantities of both fresh and old trees. The loggers had two 2-ton trucks and two small trucks, all loaded with downed trees. We seized the vehicles in Zawita and Bamerne and referred the suspects to the court.

Residents in Duhok’s mountain villages are allowed to cut down trees with explicit approval from sub-district or district authorities. The process of cutting down trees requires documentation submitted to the environmental and forestry police, with the actual cutting done under the supervision of a designated official.