Affordable heart procedures eliminate need for travel abroad

Najaf Investment Authority announces new cardiac surgery unit at local private hospital

NAJAF, November 13 — The Investment Private Hospital in Najaf will get a new cardiac surgery department capable of doing laparoscopic procedures, according to an announcement by Najaf Investment Authority.

The new unit will feature state-of-the-art technology, marking a significant advancement in the country’s healthcare sector. The cost of heart surgery at the facility is also projected to be 30 percent lower than similar procedures conducted outside Iraq, providing a cost-effective alternative for patients who would otherwise consider traveling abroad.

Dhirgham Kiko, President of the Najaf Investment Authority, spoke to Al-Sabah newspaper and said, the unit would incorporate the latest global technologies, previously unavailable in the country.

“The expansion [of the hospital] is being done with a total investment exceeding $100 million, which also encompasses the establishment of a unit for bone marrow transplants. Additionally, future expansion plans include the opening of a blood bank, specifically catering to children suffering from blood cancer and immune deficiencies,” Kiko said.