With participants from Iraq and abroad

Shaker Razeij international chess championship wraps up in Samawa

MUTHANNA, November 12 — The annual Shaker Razeij International Chess Championship, organized by the Samawa Chess Federation, concluded at Al-Ghadeer Palace Hotel with the participation of 46 players from various provinces and three international players from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The late Shaker Razeij was the founder of the chess movement in Muthanna and played a key role in establishing the Iraqi Chess Club. He is considered one of Iraq’s prominent chess players.

Hussein Kazem – Member of the Samawa Chess Federation for Network 964:

“The championship takes place annually over two days, with players from all provinces and even outside Iraq participating. Participation is open to all age groups, provided that the player has a registered ranking with the Iraqi Chess Federation.

Today, the championship concluded with three players tying at seven points. The chess ‘Swiss’ system determined the winner, with Iranian player Ehsan Moulod securing the victory. Nouri Sabah from Baghdad took second place, and Abbas Hussein Ghazal from Karbala claimed the third spot.

This year’s tournament witnessed the participation of new youthful and female faces with a high level of play. International referees from the Iraqi Chess Federation officiated the competition.”