Despite its high price

High demand for Samsung S23 Ultra in Al-Qaim despite shortages

ANBAR, November 12 — In the northwest of Anbar, smartphone stores in the city of Al-Qaim have reported a shortage of the “Samsung S23 Ultra” despite its high price. Many customers are drawn to its high-quality camera and long-lasting battery, with a majority of buyers being members of the security forces, according to sellers.

Network 964 visited several smartphone stores in Al-Qaim’s market, revealing the absence of the device.

Hamoudi Phone – Owner of a phone store for Network 964:

“The price of the ‘Samsung S23 Ultra’ is 1,550,000 Iraqi dinars and is influenced by the fluctuation of the dollar. People prefer this device over the iPhone due to its high-resolution camera and a battery that lasts for more than 24 hours. Despite our stores being empty of the device, many young people request it, and most buyers are from the security forces.”

Ahmed Omair – Citizen for Network 964:

“I came to buy this phone, but stores are out of stock. I asked one store to provide it as quickly as possible. The device is distinctive and better than the iPhone, and store owners recommend using it over other devices.”