State of Law Coalition leader urges ambassadors to represent Iraq's position

Al-Maliki emphasizes unified stance on situation in Palestine

BAGHDAD, November 9 — Iraqi State of Law Coalition leader Nouri Al-Maliki stated on Thursday that Iraq maintains a steadfast and unified stance, both among the people and the government, towards Palestine.

Al-Maliki’s statement came during a reception for Iraqi ambassadors.

A statement from Al-Maliki’s office said:

“The head of the State of Law Coalition, Mr. Nouri Al-Maliki, received ambassadors representing Iraq in Arab and foreign nations.

Mr. Nouri Al-Maliki welcomed Iraqi ambassadors representing the country in Arab and foreign nations today on the sidelines of the seventh periodic meeting of ambassadors hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baghdad. The meeting was attended by Foreign Minister Dr. Fuad Hussein and the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee.

During the meeting, Mr. Al-Maliki stated in his address, “Ambassadors should reflect the position of the ministry, and each ambassador is obliged to represent the stance of the Iraqi government. Ambassadors are well aware of their responsibilities.”

Regarding the representation of Iraq and the diplomacy that conveys the country’s vision, Mr. Al-Maliki pointed out that new ambassadors have not been named yet. He mentioned that the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee in the previous session decided to suspend the nomination of ambassadors, expressing hope that this would not be repeated. He also expressed his hope for expediting the process of selecting and nominating ambassadors, emphasizing that their nomination should be comprehensive and not just filling vacancies in embassies.

Concerning the ongoing events in Palestinian territories, Mr. Al-Maliki clarified that Iraq’s popular, governmental, and political stance is unified and unwavering towards the Palestinian cause and the resilient Gaza. He urged the ambassadors to convey the unified national stance to the world, emphasizing Iraq’s rejection of normalization and the presence of the occupying entity. He concluded by stating that Iraq will continue to build strong and positive relationships with any country in the world except the Zionist entity.”