Using counterfeit stamps and documents

National security agency busts major counterfeiter behind 7 billion dinars fraud

KIRKUK, November 4 — The National Security Agency announced on Saturday that they have apprehended a forger involved in embezzling over 7 billion dinars in coordination with a bank employee and a lawyer, using counterfeit stamps and documents.

In a statement from the agency, received by Network 964:

“In a significant operation, security teams from the National Security Agency in Kirkuk Province successfully exposed one of the major forgers in the province, who had committed extensive forgery and embezzlement, amounting to over 7 billion dinars.

The accused individual had engaged in the forgery of multiple stamps, bonds, and official documents, in coordination with a bank employee and a lawyer. He managed to forge judicial decisions and bonds issued by the real estate registry and sent them abroad to withdraw funds. Additionally, he had falsified stamps and signatures of various judges, local police officers, accountants, and numerous important official documents.

The arrest operation was carried out in accordance with a judicial arrest warrant, following two weeks of surveillance and monitoring of the suspect, which culminated in a well-executed ambush that led to his capture red-handed. He has been subsequently handed over to the judicial authorities for necessary legal actions.”