Police forces launch operation to save girls and arrest suspect

Woman arrested for trafficking young Iraqi women to Kurdistan and beyond

BAGHDAD, November 1 — Iraq’s Intelligence Agency announced on Wednesday the arrest of a female suspect in the Karrada area who was allegedly involved in trafficking women out of the country. Inside her residence, three young women were found, whom she intended to sell and smuggle to the Kurdistan region.

The Ministry of Defense released a statement, which said:

Through precise intelligence information and following the acquisition of judicial approvals, the intelligence and security units of the Baghdad Intelligence and Security Directorate, under the General Directorate of Intelligence and Security of the Ministry of Defense, succeeded in apprehending a suspect engaged in human trafficking, selling women, and smuggling them out of the country. Three young women were discovered inside her residence in the Karrada area, where she intended to sell them and smuggle them to the Kurdistan region. Legal measures have been taken against her, and she has been referred to the judiciary to face appropriate consequences.