Increase for civilian and military retirees

Low income retirees get 100,000 Iraqi dinar pension increase, says finance ministry

BAGHDAD, November 1 — Iraq’s Ministry of Finance announced on Wednesday that civilian and military retirees whose pensions are below one million Iraqi dinars would receive a 100,000-dinar increase starting from November 1.

A statement from the Ministry said:

In continuation of the Prime Minister’s initiative in support of retirees and in accordance with Cabinet Decision No. 23599 for the year 2023, and in compliance with the directives of the Minister of Finance, Ms. Taif Sami Mohammed, the Ministry of Finance, through the Accounting Department, has initiated the disbursement of civilian and military retirees’ pensions for the month of November, in accordance with the Cabinet’s decision to increase the pensions by 100,000 dinars for those receiving retirement pay with allocations below one million dinars.

The Ministry emphasized the need for Rafidain and Rashid banks and the National Retirement Authority to expedite the completion of the procedures for disbursing pensions to civilian and military retirees through electronic payment cards.

The Ministry invites all civilian and military retirees who receive text messages to visit bank branches and ATMs in Baghdad and in the governorates to receive their pensions.