PM calls Meloni to talk recent events

Al-Sudani discusses bilateral relations and Gaza developments with Italian prime minister

BAGHDAD, October 31 — The Prime Minister of Iraq, Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani, held a telephone conversation with his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni, on Monday, discussing bilateral relations and regional and international developments following recent attacks on Gaza.

Al-Sudani’s office released a statement, which said:

The region is going through a critical turning point that threatens an escalation and expansion of conflicts. What happened on October 7th is the result of years of injustice, killings, and a disregard for international commitments and agreements, as well as depriving the Palestinian people of their basic right to a secure life.

Al-Sudani reaffirmed Iraq’s consistent and principled position regarding the Palestinian issue, emphasizing the urgent need for a responsible stance from the international community and major powers to address the humanitarian crisis and prevent the spread of the conflict, which could impact energy supplies and add a new war to the current conflicts and crises.

The Prime Minister emphasized the necessity of opening safe corridors for the delivery of humanitarian and medical aid to over two million Palestinians living in dire conditions.

On her part, Prime Minister Meloni expressed Italy’s concern over the events in Gaza and revealed her country’s interest in de-escalation efforts. She commended the efforts of Iraqi security agencies in maintaining security and stability and pointed out the strategic partnership between Iraq and Italy.

During the call, she extended an invitation to Prime Minister Al-Sudani to visit Rome, and he pledged to accept the invitation at the earliest possible opportunity.