Family searches for 59-year-old missing woman

Sulaimaniyah woman goes missing during Umrah in Mecca

SULAYMANIYAH, October 30 — A woman from the town of Kalar in southern Sulaymaniyah governorate has been missing for two days in Saudi Arabia, where she was performing Umrah.

The family of the 59-year-old woman says they have received no news about her whereabouts since she disappeared on a trip to perform Umrah. She had travelled with her brother and several relatives to Mecca by road on October 24.

The woman’s brother, Hassan Bahjat, told 964:

We entered the Grand Mosque at precisely 9:24 a.m. last Friday, and before starting to circle around the Kaaba, we hired someone to help her circle it in her wheelchair. We specified a location for him to return her to us upon completion, but he did not come back. We do not want to assume that he might have abducted her.

In addition to alerting the security forces, we searched for her in hospitals and with the forensic medicine department but did not find any leads. That’s why we have shared our contact information and requested assistance in finding her.