generating over $3 billion in revenues

Iran-Iraq trade surges through ‘Parvizkhan’ border crossing

BAGHDAD, October 28 — Qassem Matloubi, the director of the Iranian “Parvizkhan” border crossing, stated on Sunday that trade between Iran and Iraq has increased by 18 percent, generating revenues of over $3 billion in the past seven months.

According to Matloubi, the trade between Iraq and Iran has been on the rise since March, reaching October last year. This period coincided with a severe financial crisis in the Iraqi market due to exchange rate fluctuations of the dollar and restrictions on Iraqi banks.

Matloubi, as reported by the Iranian Fars News Agency and relayed by Network 964, said:

“The volume of foreign trade through the Parvizkhan crossing has reached $3.072 billion from March 21 to October 22, 2023.

The foreign trade volume through the Parvizkhan crossing amounted to 3.637 million tons during these seven months, including exports, imports, and mutual transit.

Iranian exports through the crossing during this period reached $553 million, with an 18 percent growth compared to the corresponding period in 2022.

The quantity of goods exported to Iraq reached 1.534 million tons, showing a 23 percent annual increase.

Construction materials, plastic products, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, baked goods, and metal products were among the most important commodities exported to Iraq through Parvizkhan, which is considered a strategically important border crossing witnessing the daily passage of more than 2,000 trucks and tankers for loading and unloading goods.”