Fines will be imposed after trial period

Erbil traffic department implements ‘point to point’ cameras on Erbil-Pirmam Road

ERBIL, October 25 — The Erbil Traffic Department announced on Wednesday that it had adopted “point to point” surveillance cameras on the road linking the city to Pirmam, on a trial period extending until the beginning of November. Drivers were advised that fines will be imposed after this date.

A statement from the Erbil Traffic Department read:

We would like to inform all drivers and citizens that, in order to enforce speed limits on the Erbil-Pirmam Road, the maximum speed is set at 100 km/h for sedan cars and 80 km/h for trucks, except in tunnels where the maximum speed is 70 km/h.

To enhance road safety, starting today, October 25, until November 1 at 12 p.m., all ‘point to point’ cameras along the road, from the Erbil Inspection Point to after the Pirmam Tunnel, will be used on a trial period.

After this date, from November 2, cameras will record violations. We kindly request everyone to ensure their safety and the safety of their loved ones and properties, while adhering to the specified speed limits.