In historic cities destroyed by ISIS

Foreign missions and organizations begin excavation and reconstruction work

NINEVEH, October 22 — Foreign missions and organizations have commenced excavation and reconstruction efforts in the historic cities of “Nimrud” and “Khorsabad” in Nineveh, after they were destroyed by ISIS in 2015.

Khair al-Din Ahmed, the Director of the Antiquities and Heritage Inspection in Nineveh, stated in an interview with the Al-Sabah official newspaper, as reported by Network 964, that “a French mission, as part of the joint cooperation program between Iraq and France in the fields of culture and archaeological excavations, has begun its excavation work in the historic city of ‘Khorsabad,’ representing the Assyrian city of ‘Dur Sharrukin.’ They are also involved in the reconstruction of the city after it was destroyed and razed by the terrorist ISIS gangs in mid-2015.”

He added that “the excavation work includes the main gate of Khorsabad and the ruined royal palace within the historic city.”

Ahmed also mentioned that “reconstruction work has started on the remaining destroyed artifacts in the historic city of Nimrud in collaboration with the Smithsonian organization. The organization has showcased its achievements in preserving and restoring artifacts in Iraq and revealed its future plans for Nimrud.”