PM speaks at Cairo Peace Summit

Sudani calls recent attacks in Palestine a ‘genocide’ of the Palestinian people

BAGHDAD, October 21 — Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani on Satuday called recent attacks against the Palestinian people in Gaza a genocide, saying the Israeli onslaught amounted to a war crime.

Speaking at the Cairo Peace Summit 2023, Al-Sudani said, “The Palestinian people are facing genocide, and what is happening in Gaza is a well-defined war crime.”

“No one has the right to compromise, relinquish, or donate the rights of the Palestinian people, as they are the rightful owners of the land and the cause,” the Prime Minister continued.

Al-Sudani further said the current situation was a test for the international community, adding that the world had “repeatedly failed to uphold the values of humanity, justice, and freedom it professes.”