Iraq will respond to Egypt's invitation

Iraq confirms participation in international conference on Gaza developments

BAGHDAD, October 19 — The Prime Minister, Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, affirmed on Thursday that Iraq will respond to Egypt’s invitation to attend an international conference on field developments in Gaza. This statement was made in an article published in the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper titled “Prioritizing the End of the War on Gaza for Iraq.”

The Prime Minister’s Media Office highlighted the following key points from the article, as reported by Network 964:

“We reiterate to the world our clear and steadfast stance in support of the Palestinian right to establish an independent Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem.

We aim for the Palestinian people to enjoy their legitimate rights to live peacefully within their independent state, with security and sovereignty.

In our dialogues and communications, we have emphasized the need to de-escalate and respect human rights, as well as exert pressure on the Zionist entity to cease its aggression on the occupied territories.

It is essential for the international community to take serious and responsible steps to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe that would have a lasting impact on the Palestinian people’s presence in their homeland.

We are swiftly moving to send humanitarian aid to Gaza in coordination with the Egyptian government.

We will answer Egypt’s call to hold an international conference to discuss the field developments in Gaza.

During the summit, we look forward to a unified political stance from major nations to find a just solution for the Palestinians.

We will push for the adoption of a unified mechanism by Arab and Islamic countries to provide humanitarian, medical, and financial assistance to our people in Gaza.

We will urge the United States and the international community to seriously consider the legitimate demands of the Palestinian people.

Through its balanced relationships with regional and international countries, Iraq is striving to exert pressure to end the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the rest of Palestinian territories.

Iraq firmly rejects any attempt to transform the Palestinian issue from a matter of land and people to a humanitarian crisis and refugee situation.

The time has come for the Arab and Islamic worlds to unite in their stance towards the Palestinians to end decades of suffering.”