On 35th emergency conference of the Arab parliamentary union

Sudani renews support for Palestine, denounces attack on Gaza hospital

BAGHDAD, October 18 — Mohamed Shiaa Al-Sudani, Iraq’s Prime Minister, reiterated Iraq’s initial stance on the Palestinian issue and the urgency of taking action to support the Palestinian people who are facing what he described as a genocide. He also condemned the bombing of Al-Mamdani hospital in Gaza as an egregious crime.

Statement from the Prime Minister’s Office, received by Network 964:

“On Wednesday, Prime Minister Mohamed Shiaa Al-Sudani received the heads of Arab parliamentary delegations attending the 35th Emergency Conference of the Arab Parliamentary Union, held in the capital, Baghdad. The conference aimed to discuss the developments in Gaza and the Zionist aggression on the occupied Palestinian territories.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani extended his warm welcome to the participating delegations, congratulating them on convening the emergency conference to address the tragic situation that the Palestinian people are enduring.

He reaffirmed Iraq’s steadfast position on the Palestinian issue and underscored the importance of immediate action to support the Palestinian people. They are currently facing a blatant aggression and an all-encompassing war crime, which amounts to an attempt at genocide. The Zionist occupation authorities have relentlessly targeted innocent civilians.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani also referred to the brutal shelling of Al-Mamdani Hospital in Gaza, which took place the previous evening, leading to the martyrdom and injury of hundreds of children and women. This, he stated, constitutes an unpardonable crime that violates all international laws and humanitarian conventions.

He called upon the international community, parliamentary and political institutions, to come to the aid of the oppressed Palestinian people, empower them, and ensure the full realization of their legitimate rights to establish a state on their national soil.”