Parents and teacher resort to tribal resolution

Baghdad school teacher assaults elementary student for second time, breaking her arm

BAGHDAD, October 12 — A teacher at the Al-Amal Elementary School in Al-Ridwaniyah district in western Baghdad, violently assaulted a second-grade student for the second time in two years, this time breaking the child’s arm.

The Al-Amal Elementary School is located within the Abu Ghraib Education Department in the First Al-Karkh Directorate.

The teacher, identified as A.F., is currently in negotiations with the student’s parent to settle the matter through tribal mediation, involving a financial compensation.

The student’s parent spoke to 964 and said, “My daughter is in the second grade, and the teacher assaulted her at school last year. When I attempted to file a complaint with the police, the school principal apologized to me, and I dropped the issue. This year, she was assaulted again, resulting in a broken left arm, and I will file a complaint against the school and the teacher.”