Drivers warned to register their bikes

Interior ministry to ban unregistered motorbikes starting in December

BAGHDAD, October 8 — The central government’s Ministry of Interior announced on Monday that drivers will no longer be able to ride unregistered motorcycles and scooters starting in December.

Minister Abdul Amir Al-Shammari shared the decision during a security meeting. A statement from the Minister’s office read:

Minister of Interior Mr. Abdul Amir Al-Shammari chaired a security meeting to hear special briefings from Ministry departments and formations for September. The meeting was attended by the senior Ministry leadership, the Baghdad Operations Command, and police commanders in the capital and governorates via video conferencing.

Minister Al-Shammari commended the lower crime rate in Baghdad and the governorates and urged everyone to contribute to maintaining security. He emphasized the importance of executing arrest warrants, tracking down criminals, and pursuing gangs, especially in some southern governorates, and delivering them to the judiciary for fair punishment.

During the meeting, model centers for October and November were selected, as previously agreed upon, in all governorates. The Minister called on citizens to expedite the registration of their unregistered motorcycles. Any motorcycle without registration plates, annual registration, and a valid driver’s license will be prohibited from operating starting in early December.

The meeting also highlighted the importance of providing emergency units for the civil defense units in all governorates in collaboration with service departments. Minister Al-Shammari directed the traffic and rescue police to intensify their efforts in easing traffic congestion during peak hours of work.