Water scarcity in Muthanna causes tension among residents

SAMAWAH, July 23 — Residents of Al-Karama district in eastern Al-Muthanna are demanding the government solve a drinking water crisis in the area as a result of the Al-Mareebi River running dry and the shutdown of local desalination plants.

Residents threatened to organize mass protests if their demands were not met.

Nabil Awad, a local, told 964:
“The Al-Mareebi River has completely dried up, and most families are considering migration. We don’t want water for animals or washing; we just want water to drink.”

“This river used to supply water to 14 villages and more than 25 filtration stations, but they have all stopped working, and some of them have been relocated to other areas.”

“We dug artesian wells, but the water is salty, and most families who used it suffered from skin problems.”

“We demand both the local and central governments to intervene and provide relief to the people. If there is no response, we will mobilize for large scale demonstrations.”