Stay informed speed bump policies

Sulaymaniyah traffic directorate warns against unauthorized speed bumps

SULAYMANIYAH, October 7 — The Traffic Directorate in Sulaymaniyah has informed citizens of the prohibition on installing speed bumps without official approval and clarified that they will not place any speed bumps in front of schools due to a lack of necessary resources.

Hareem Ismaeil, the director of traffic engineering in Sulaymaniyah told Network 964:
“Due to a shortage of resources, we cannot install new speed bumps on the streets in front of schools. We can only renew pedestrian crossings.”

“Anyone who wants to install speed bumps in front of their house at their own expense should contact the number 188. A committee of traffic engineers will be sent to the site to determine whether it is suitable for installing speed bumps.”

“Two types of speed bumps, asphalt and plastic, will be installed. However, square plastic speed bumps are prohibited and will be removed wherever they are found.”