Iraq stands firm on Palestinian issue

Iraq urges Arab League meeting to address ‘serious’ Palestinian developments

BAGHDAD, October 7 — Iraq called on the Arab League today, Saturday, to convene urgently to discuss the “serious” developments within the Palestinian territories, reaffirming its steadfast position on the Palestinian issue.

A statement by the government spokesperson, Bassam Al-Awadi, received by Network 964, reads:

“Iraq reaffirms its steadfast position, as a people and a government, towards the Palestinian issue, and its support for the Palestinian people in achieving their legitimate aspirations and securing their full rights. Injustice and the violation of these rights cannot produce sustainable peace.

The actions undertaken by the Palestinian people today are a natural result of the systematic oppression they have endured for decades at the hands of the Zionist occupation authority, which has never adhered to international and United Nations resolutions. Therefore, we call on the international community to take action to end the serious violations and restore the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, who continue to suffer from occupation, policies of racial discrimination, siege, desecration of holy sites, and violations of human values and principles.

We warn against the continuation of escalation within the Palestinian territories, as it will impact the stability of the region. We also call on the Arab League to convene urgently to discuss the serious developments in the Palestinian territories.”