Leaders prioritize public safety

Officials in Mosul discuss new safety measures at Nabi Younis market

MOSUL, October 5 — Authorities in Mosul conducted a security sweep on Thursday removing inflammable materials from the ceilings at the Nabi Younis market on the city’s left bank, in an effort to improve public safety following the deadly Hamdaniya fire that killed up to 119 people.

Nineveh Governor Najm Al-Jubouri held an extensive meeting with the governorate’s new Director of Civil Defense, Khaled Tharwat Jalmaran, to discuss conditions at the Nabi Younis market. The meeting was attended by municipal directors of electricity and water, and several security leaders.

Colonel Saad Al-Jubouri, Media Director for Nineveh’s civil defense team, said officials covered methods to confront accidents and fires within the large market, and devised preventative plans.

Leaders called for new electrical wiring in the market, and will now require shop owners who operate private generators to install proper outlets.

A plan was also agreed upon to regulate street vendors’ locations and ensure regular trash removal.

Nineveh Traffic and Police departments also discussed plans to manage traffic on streets surrounding the market, ensuring that fire trucks can access different locations promptly.

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