Regarding the Hamdaniya tragedy

Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako calls for impartial crisis cell after investigation results

NINEVE, October 1 — In his first comment on the results of the investigation committee regarding the Hamdaniya tragedy, Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako stated on Sunday that “the cause of the collective massacre was not fireworks but a deliberate act.” He called for the formation of an impartial crisis cell to study the situation away from settling scores.

Statement by Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako received by Network 964:

“Hope is not an opportunity; it is the future. Whether Iraq rises or not is linked to the results of the investigation into the massacre of the people of Qaraqosh Hamdaniya and the accountability of the real criminals, without politicization, in respect of the martyrs themselves and to reassure Christians first and then Iraqis that there is justice that takes their rights.

Everyone knows that corruption is eating away at the country and that some militias do not fear God, the government, or people. Iraqis are tired of slogans and promises that have not achieved anything on the ground.

The cause of the ‘collective massacre’ was not fireworks, but it was a deliberate act by someone who sold their conscience and homeland for a certain agenda. Because this hall has seen various celebrations and nothing like this has happened before, the central question is why now and what is intended by this heinous act?

I propose the formation of a crisis cell to study the positions objectively and wisely, not individually, and not to be swayed by emotions, leaving the field open to known parties to level accusations and settle scores.

Strength lies in the unity represented by the Church. The Syriac Catholic Church must first unify its position with courage, along with the Church in Iraq. The cup is full; Iraqi Christians should be first in their own country.

We place the Iraqi government and the international community, especially the United Nations, before their responsibilities…”