Five gas fields included in plan

Iraqi-French-Qatari alliance to invest $180 million in gas field projects

BAGHDAD, September 26 — Bassim Mohammed Khudair, Iraq’s Deputy Minister of Oil, announced today that an alliance consisting of France’s Total Energies, Qatar Energy, and the Basra Oil Company will develop five gas-associated fields, in a project worth $180 million.

Khudair stated in remarks to the Al-Sabah official newspaper:

The alliance, comprising Total Energies, Qatar Energy, and the Basra Oil Company, held its first meeting, with two additional meetings scheduled for October and December of this year to discuss and monitor the projects approved in yesterday’s meeting.

The approval encompasses the acquisition of electronic sensors for oil wells, oil pipelines, and consultancy contracts for the giant oil, gas, water, and electricity projects planned to be completed by no later than 2027.

The alliance aims to develop the Artawi field to achieve daily production of 210,000 standard barrels and to invest in 600 million cubic feet of associated gas in five producing fields: Majnoon, Artawi, Lahis, Atuba, and West Qurna.

Iraq has fulfilled all its financial obligations in the Integrated South Project, underscoring the project’s vital importance for the energy security of Iraq and future generations. The project includes the construction of a water station with a capacity of 5 million barrels per day to enhance oil reservoirs and a solar energy station.