As soon as funds are allocated

Restoration of “Mizgoti Gura” Grand Mosque in Sulaymaniyah announced

SULAYMANIYAH, September 24 — The Directorate of Religious Endowments in Sulaymaniyah has decided to undertake the restoration of the “Mizgoti Gura” Grand Mosque as soon as funds are allocated for it, with confirmation that it will be closed during the renovation period.

Hawjin Rauf, the Director of Religious Endowments in Sulaymaniyah, told Network 964:

“We have decided to restore the Grand Mosque, and we are awaiting funding from the government. We will commence the work as soon as the funds are allocated and will close the mosque until the completion of the renovation.”

Network 964 reports:

According to information on the city governorate’s website, the construction of the Grand Mosque of Sulaymaniyah took place in 1785, just a year after the founding of Sulaymaniyah.