Ice cream van brings joy to the streets of Baghdad

BAGHDAD, April 15 — Residents of Al-Mansour and nearby areas in central Baghdad have become accustomed to a van selling ice cream that plays musical tunes, loved by children who rush out to buy ice cream as soon as they hear the music.

The “Cherry Ice Cream” van is a youth project for producing and selling ice cream, founded by a group of friends about a year ago.
The van roams every day in a number of areas to sell ice cream to children and adults alike.

The van announces its goods by broadcasting music of children’s songs such as “ice cream” and “baby shark” to attract them.
A correspondent for Network 964 encountered the van parked in one of the alleys of Al-Dawoodi neighborhood in Al-Mansour area, where children and parents gathered around it.

Nour, one of the workers in the van, told Network 964: “We have been working in this van for a year, where we started working on making and selling ice cream, then we gradually developed the project to become like this.

The idea of the van accompanied by children’s music was suggested by one of our friends who participated in the project, and he gradually developed the idea through research and comparison with similar projects in other countries.

The idea aims to attract children by spreading joy and happiness.

We hope that children will keep good memories of our van when they grow up, and in this way we will have left a positive impact on them.”

Saad Qusai, a resident of Al-Dawoodi area, told Network 964: “My children have started to wait for the music that accompanies the ice cream van every day so we can go out and buy from it. It’s a beautiful thing even for us adults, because we always want everything in our country to be like in other countries.”