Organization claims forged cases have been submitted

Martyrs foundation denounces attempts to recognize ISIS fighters as martyrs

BAGHDAD, September 23 — Iraq’s Martyrs Foundation announced on Friday it would disassociate from any political agreement that considers ISIS fighters as martyrs, emphasizing its independence from political influence and agreements.

The organization also revealed that it had uncovered 800 forged cases related to the Anti-Terrorism Law.

Abdulilah Al-Naeli, the President of the Martyrs Foundation, stated in a press release:

The recent media reports about a political agreement to recognize ISIS fighters as martyrs are completely detached from the foundation’s operations. The recognition of martyrs is not related to political influence or agreements. There has been no intervention by any political bloc in this matter. On the contrary, we have received significant support from the government and oversight authorities. The Martyrs Foundation is committed to purging this issue of any suspicions. We have identified, stopped, and rejected over 800 cases involving the Anti-Terrorism Law in which individuals had forged documents and submitted them to certain subcommittees for approval. The auditing process is ongoing to safeguard the honor of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in defense of the country against ISIS and terrorism.