Officials vow to finish steet transformation

Baghdad residents object to street expansion in Karrada district

BAGHDAD, September 20 — A number of residents in Baghdad’s Karrada district have raised objections to the expansion of Street 42, refusing the removal of trees and the reduction of the central median.

Residents in central Baghdad have said the congestion on the street is due to the absence of dedicated parking areas, causing cars to be parked almost all day in front of shops and restaurants. They suggested the creation of parking lots instead of tampering with the central median.

Teams from the Baghdad Municipality, however, are continuing expansion work on Street 42 to address the traffic congestion on the street, which includes several restaurants, beauty centers, and nightclubs.

Ali Mohammed, an area resident, said: “There should be other fundamental solutions instead of expansion, and we hope that trees will not be cut down as happened on Jowa Street. The congestion on the street is due to cars parking in front of shops due to the absence of designated parking or garages. It would have been more appropriate to allocate parking spaces on the street instead of expansion.”

A source in the Karrada Municipality told 964: “The expansion of Street 42 will involve adding one meter to each side of the road while reducing the central median. The street will be rebuilt according to Baghdad’s expansion plan, and work on it will continue until it is completed at the end of next month.”

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