Baghdad’s Institute of Musical Studies gets a new life

BAGHDAD, April 14 — The Al-Mada Foundation for Culture, Media and the Arts is overseeing a project, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), to restore the Institute of Musical Studies located in its heritage building on Al-Rashid Street in central Baghdad.

The institute building, which has stood for 53 years, has been neglected for some time.
Its significance lies in its rich history and the fact that it has hosted many prominent figures in the artistic world, including globally renowned artists such as Kazem El Saher and Naseer Shamma.

The aim of the campaign is to address the building’s urban issues, improve its condition, and showcase it in a better light.

The Director of the Institute, Ahmed Salim Ghani, told 964 Network:
The Ministry of Culture approved the reconstruction of the building as part of the “Recovery” program supervised by the US Agency for International Development.
The Iraqi Artists Union’s Captain, Jabbar Judy, expressed to 964 Network:
The union’s support for this project, stating the need to preserve artistic culture in Iraq.

Emad Jassim, the General Manager of the Musical Arts Department of Network 964:
Commended Al-Mada Foundation’s initiative to cooperate with the Recovery Program for the reconstruction and improvement of the Institute, given that the Ministry of Culture has suffered from a lack of financial support.

Duraid Ahmed Abdel Aziz, the Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Institute, expressed to 964 Network the happiness with the initiative and stated that the rehabilitation of the building, including classrooms and furnishings, was essential to the admission of students.
They expect the campaign to boost demand for the Institute in the coming academic year.

The Institute is a symbol of urbanization in Iraq.