Officials open railway in Shirqat

Salah Al-Din rail line reopens after 30-year hiatus

SALAH Al-DIN, September 19 — Iraqi Minister of Transport Razzaq Mohibes Al-Saadi opened the Salah Al-Din railway line in Al-Shirqat on Tuesday, following a 30-year hiatus.

The Ministry of Transport issued a statement marking the day:

The Minister of Transport, Mr. Razzaq Mohibes Al-Saadi, arrived in Salah Al-Din Governorate on Tuesday morning and met with the Governor, Mr. Ismail Khedher Holoub, in the presence of the Director-General of the General Company for Iraqi Railways, Yunus Al-Kaabi, and the Director-General of the General Company for Special Transport Management, Ahmed Kareem Al-Mousawi, to discuss the development of transportation in the governorate.

The Ministry’s press office explained that during the meeting, the Minister expressed his full support for the governorate, confirming that Salah Al-Din Governorate represents an important strategic location in the Development Road project.

For his part, the Governor welcomed the visit of the Minister of Transport to the governorate and his inspection of the transportation situation in it, commending the efforts of the service government in keeping pace with the work and stages of completion in the governorate’s service projects.

Minister of Transport Mr. Razzaq Mohibes Al-Saadi arrived in Al-Shirqat accompanied by the Salah Al-Din Governor to inaugurate a railway line that has been halted for three decades.