Behind Russians and Iranians

Iraqis rank third in property purchases in Turkey

BAGHDAD, September 17 — According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute for the month of August, Iraqis have fallen to third place in the list of property buyers in Turkey, behind Russians and Iranians.

A report from the Turkish Statistical Institute revealed a 42% decrease in property sales to foreigners in Turkey in August compared to the same month last year, totaling 3,058 properties sold. Istanbul topped the list with 1,066 properties, followed by Antalya with 919, and Mersin with 248, with the rest spread across other Turkish cities.

Russians made the largest number of property purchases in Turkey with 733 homes and apartments, followed by Iranians with 342, and Iraqis with 220. Kazakhstanis and Ukrainians ranked fourth and fifth.

Among Arab countries, Kuwait followed Iraq with 121 properties purchased in Turkey, followed by Saudi Arabia with 90, and then Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, and Lebanon.

Iraqis were at the top of the list of global property buyers in Turkey in 2015 but fell to second place behind Iran at the beginning of 2021. They further dropped to third place in April 2022, as Russia dominated the Turkish real estate market.