Warnings issued to business owners

Erbil municipality takes action against business violations near the Citadel

ERBIL, September 16 — Erbil’s municipal authorities have shut down restaurants and cafes around the historic Citadel and confiscated dozens of hookahs to curb encroachments on public gardens and squares.

Erbil’s Parks Department is undertaking a campaign against encroachers with the assistance of the municipality to prevent the display of goods or the placement of seats in public areas.

Sarwar Waisi, Media Officer for Erbil’s Parks Department, told 964: “Many store and cafe owners exploited the gardens around the Citadel and its vicinity by placing chairs and offering hookahs to customers, causing damage to the green grass in several areas.”

“We have closed the encroaching cafes and restaurants, and they will be reopened after the owners sign commitments not to repeat the violations,” Waisi added.