Via 25 countries

Austrian traveler of Iraqi origin arrives in Basra after 32000 km journey

BASRA — Thaer Aboud, an Austrian traveler of Iraqi origin, recently arrived in the Al-Deir district, north of Basra, after a remarkable journey spanning 32,000 kilometers across 25 countries over six years.

Aboud, who began his extensive trek on April 25, 2018, from Austria, aims to reach the southernmost point of South Africa. His travels are driven by a desire to immerse himself in diverse cultures, uncover their unique stories, and visit some of the world’s premier tourist destinations.

Upon entering Iraq from Turkey and reaching his birthplace in Khanaqin, Aboud expressed a deep sense of security throughout his travels in the country. “I felt safe throughout my journey in Iraq,” he told 964media.

He lauded the hospitality he encountered, particularly in southern Iraq. “The generosity of Iraqis is remarkable,” Aboud said. “Especially in southern Iraq, children and adults alike welcome me.”

Aboud shared heartwarming interactions with local youths, who frequently invited him to dine and stay with them, offering food and drink. “Iraqi children invite me to eat and stay with them, asking if I’m hungry or thirsty,” he noted. “People everywhere in the south host me, and even in restaurants, owners refuse to take money because I am a guest in their area.”

Despite receiving numerous invitations to stay as a guest in Al-Deir, Aboud declined, opting to continue his journey towards Africa. His next stops include Kuwait and then southward through the Arabian Peninsula to Djibouti, crossing the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, before finally reaching the southern tip of Africa.

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