Revival in hostilities

Tribal dispute at Najaf fuel station escalates into fatal clash

NAJAF — A dispute over agricultural land between the Amiyal and Al-Abbas tribes escalated into an armed confrontation at the Najaf’s Al-Haydariya fuel station, resulting in one fatality and one injury, authorities said Saturday.

The conflict, which began earlier in the week with a brawl that concluded without casualties, reignited Wednesday when members of both tribes coincidentally met at the fuel station. “They exchanged gunfire, leading to one fatality and one injury from the Amiyal tribe,” a source familiar with the incident told 964media.

In retaliation, relatives of the deceased and the injured reportedly set several houses belonging to the Al-Abbas tribe ablaze in the surrounding area. Civil defense teams were dispatched to extinguish the fires.

Eyewitnesses reported that a significant security presence was deployed at the scene.

Dhi Qar land dispute ends in fatal shooting

Dhi Qar land dispute ends in fatal shooting