Still missing

Tourist presumed drowned in Darbandikhan

DARBANDIKHAN — A tourist is presumed drowned in the Zhalanaw picnic area in Darbandikhan, and efforts to recover the body are ongoing, city civil defense officials said.

The incident occurred when the tourist, visiting with friends, ventured into the water for a swim.

Kaywan Ahmed, a spokesperson for Darbandikhan Civil Defense, told 964media that the search for the victim’s body has been hindered by river conditions. “The body of the drowned individual has not yet been found,” Ahmed said. “The flow of the Sirwan River has been reduced by the governor’s order to aid in the search and recovery efforts.”

Ahmed noted the challenges facing the recovery team. “We still lack detailed information about the age and family background of the drowned individual,” he said. “Our team is on-site to gather information and investigate the incident.”

This is not the first drowning incident in the area. Previously, a 25-year-old man drowned in the Sirwan River in Darbandikhan. His body was recovered after nearly 12 hours of search efforts, which were complicated by increased water levels from the Darbandikhan Dam.