Master's and doctoral programs

Iraq’s ministry of higher education and scientific research enrolls over 22,400 postgraduate students

BAGHDAD, September 10 — The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced on Sunday the enrollment of over 22,400 students in postgraduate studies, including diplomas, master’s, and doctoral programs.

In a statement received by Network 964, the ministry stated:

“Based on its university schedules and academic programs, which include 2,252 academic programs distributed among diploma, master’s, and doctoral degrees, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces the enrollment of 22,487 students in postgraduate studies for the academic year 2024/2023.

This year’s accepted students are organized into general admission, private funding, scholarships, and those who were accepted from the previous year and are returning to study in the first semester. The academic year begins on Sunday, the 10th of September, and lasts for at least fifteen weeks until the 24th of December, 2023.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Na’im al-Aboodi emphasizes the achievement of program objectives and the connection of their outcomes with research projects and scientific theses that are suitable for the academic environment responsible for problem-solving and providing solutions.

This timing coincides with the announcement of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s launch of a program to develop research skills for postgraduate students in Iraqi universities. The program aims to equip students with the tools responsible for developing research skills that directly contribute to enhancing scientific work and expanding research knowledge in postgraduate studies.”