End in sight for haggling fares

Kurdistan Region to introduce meter system for taxis

NEWSROOM – The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Kurdistan Regional Government has announced plans to implement a meter system for taxis across the region.

According to information obtained by 964media from the transportation department in Sulaymaniyah, the new system will calculate fares based on distance and time traveled, with the fare displayed on a screen at the end of the journey.

Sidiq Mohammed, director of transportation in Sulaymaniyah, told 964media, “The system will resolve disputes between passengers and drivers and ensure taxi drivers receive fair compensation.”

The implementation of the meter system requires the issuance of guidelines, which are currently being developed by the ministry and transportation departments.

When asked about fare determination and pricing, Mohammed stated, “We are still preparing the guidelines, so the details are not yet finalized. All aspects are subject to change, and once the ministry approves the guidelines, the details will be made public.”

The date for the implementation of the taximeter system has not been set yet.