Even gender split

Sulaymaniyah reports 780 births last month

SULAYMANIYAH — Last month, 780 children were born in Sulaymaniyah city, with an equal distribution of 390 boys and 390 girls, according to the Sulaymaniyah Health Directorate.

The Directorate’s statistics indicate that in the previous month, 2,198 patients visited the Sulaymaniyah Maternity Emergence Teaching Hospital, with 1,423 of them being admitted.

Among the births, 468 children were delivered naturally, while the remaining were delivered via cesarean section.

Compared to the previous month, nearly 100 fewer children were born at the hospital.

Shler Fayeq, director of the Sulaymaniyah Maternity Emergence Teaching Hospital, told 964media, “The monthly birth rate fluctuates, but generally, the birth rate has been low for several years, with families not wanting to have more children due to social and economic reasons.”

Fayeq added, “We do not perform cesarean deliveries unless necessary. A health committee and physicians determine which mothers require surgical intervention, and we consistently encourage natural births.”

The Sulaymaniyah Health Directorate’s report also noted that last month, 19 cases of twin births were recorded, and 107 cases of miscarriage were documented.