Largest such project in Iraq

Baghdad launches major green space initiative at Al-Rasheed military base

BAGHDAD — Baghdad’s Mayor, Ammar Musa Kadhim, announced the imminent commencement of a large-scale project to transform the Al-Rasheed military base area into sustainable forests and recreational zones. This initiative, set to be the largest of its kind in Iraq, will cover 5,000 dunums (1,235 acres).

Kadhim made the announcement during the inauguration of a park in Baghdad’s Al-Zaafaraniya area. Highlighting the project’s significance, the mayor said its scale and design would enhance green spaces and provide new recreational areas in Baghdad. He stated that the foundational stone for the Al-Rasheed project would be laid soon without specifying an exact date.

Kadhim added that the park in Al-Zaafaraniya, built on a former dumping site, is part of a broader vision to “increase green areas and create new recreational spots across the capital.” The four-dunum (one-acre) park was rehabilitated by the Karrada Municipal Department, coinciding with the upcoming Eid al-Adha celebrations.