Intended for smuggling

Iraqi border authorities arrest two individuals with 97 international Visa and Master cards

ANBAR, September 9 — The Border Ports Authority announced on Friday the arrest of two Iraqi travelers in possession of 97 international Visa and Mastercards intended for smuggling purposes.

A statement from the authority, received by Network 964, read:

“The Directorate of the Al-Qaim Border Crossing, in cooperation with the Civil Customs Center and the Customs Police, intensified inspection and auditing procedures for travelers and goods. As a result, they apprehended two Iraqi travelers found in possession of 97 international Visa and Mastercards concealed inside their travel bags. It is suspected that these individuals were attempting to smuggle foreign currency out of the country by withdrawing funds from the cards.

A committee was formed to organize and secure the confiscated items, and the suspects and the cards were handed over to the Al-Qaim Customs Police Center for presentation before the competent investigating judge to take appropriate legal action.”

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