14 day process starts tomorrow

Pilot census to be conducted across Iraq

NEWSROOM — Iraq is set to conduct a pilot population census tomorrow, Friday, across the country, including the Kurdistan Region, in preparation for the first nationwide census in 27 years scheduled for November 29, 2024.

Mohammed Tamim, from the Iraqi Ministry of Planning, announced in a press conference that the census will involve 764 ministry employees and last 14 days, covering 86 areas comprising 46 rural and 40 urban neighborhoods.

For the first time, Iraq will use electronic methods for the census, moving away from the paper-based processes used in previous counts. “This cooperation is fundamental to the project’s success,” Tamim expressed, acknowledging the crucial role of families and local communities.

“The pilot and actual data collection will adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and privacy, with the sole aim of development. The purpose of the pilot census is to test all census tools, including forms, automated application rules, and tablets, ensuring secure data transfer,” Tamim explained.

He emphasized that the pilot census is progressing as planned and is a vital activity within the program. Tamim urged Iraqis to actively participate in the 2024 census by welcoming enumerators and providing accurate information.

Enumerators will be easily identifiable, wearing clothes featuring the census logo and carrying identification badges issued by the Ministry of Planning or, in the Kurdistan region, by the Statistics Office. They will also use tablets to send information directly to the data and information center for aggregation.

Security forces will ensure a safe environment in the census-covered areas, according to Tamim.

The last census conducted in 1997 recorded Iraq’s population at 22.33 million. According to the Ministry of Planning, the population was estimated at 42,248,883 in 2022, reflecting an annual growth rate of 2.5%. As of 2023, Iraq’s population is estimated at 43,324,000.

It was reported in April that the upcoming census will exclude any gathering of statistics on ethnicity.