Carpets are locally made

Iraqi company to outfit presidential palace and defense ministry with special carpets

BAGHDAD, September 5 — The General Company for Textile and Leather Industries announced on Tuesday that it would provide the Presidential Palace and Ministry of Defense with locally produced red carpets.

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals issued a statement, which said:

The General Company for Textile and Leather Industries, one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals’ companies, announces the provision of His Excellency the President’s Office with 506 square meters of red acrylic presidential carpets with a golden line, produced in the mechanical carpet factory, one of the facilities of the wool factory affiliated with the company. Additionally, the Ministry of Defense is equipped with 500 square meters of second-grade knotted velvet carpets for the purpose of covering the vehicles prepared to transport visitors during the observance of the Arbaeen pilgrimage. These carpets are produced in the carpet weaving factory affiliated with the mentioned factory.

The company emphasized its readiness to provide various ministries, institutions, and sectors with high-quality woolen products in multiple vibrant colors and at competitive prices.