New $20 million KRG silo and mill project nears completion

ERBIL, July 26 — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced on Tuesday that a $20 million project to build silos and a flour mill project in Duhok was 93-percent completed.

The government called the project a strategic initiative aimed at  ensuring food security and creating jobs.

A statement from the KRG’s Media and Information Department read:

“Ensuring and enhancing food security is one of the goals of the ninth cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government. For this purpose, we continue to work on strategic projects, including the silos and flour mill project in Duhok, which has reached its final stage with 93% completion.

Engineer Aras Jamal, the project manager, stated that the project has provided more than 120 job opportunities during its construction, and upon completion, it will offer 100 permanent job opportunities for local workers.

The project covers an area of over 21,000 square meters and consists of 12 silos and a flour mill. It will be capable of receiving 150,000 tons of wheat annually and produce 150,000 tons of flour.

This project will play an important role in maintaining food security in the Duhok province, in addition to receiving wheat from farmers in the region, and it will provide permanent job opportunities for the citizens.