Muharram visits soar

Iraq reports 3.5 million foreign visitors, mainly from Zarbatiyah and Shalamja

BAGHDAD, September 2 — The Border Ports Authority announced on Saturday that the number of foreign visitors who entered the country has reached 3.5 million, with the majority of them arriving through Zarbatiyah and Shalamja ports.

According to Major General Omar Al-Waeli, head of the Border Crossings Authority:

The number of visitors from Iran and other nationalities has reached 3.5 million so far, while the number of departures from Iraq to their respective countries has reached one million visitors.

The Zarbatiyah border crossing has been one of the most active ports for receiving visitors, with the entry of 1.6 million visitors.

The Najaf Airport has been one of the main airports receiving visitors, with the arrival of 160,000 visitors.

The entry of visitors has been smooth, thanks to prior coordination with the Iranian side, gradual facilitation, and the activation of data exchange between Iranian and Iraqi border crossings. Additionally, there has been a significant increase in human resources from various governorates, ministries, and agencies, all working around the clock to provide necessary services and facilitation for the visitors.