Kurdish businessman thrives

Mastering retail in Tikrit’s clothing sector

TIKRIT – Delir Al-Jabbari’s Fashion store in Tikrit buzzes with activity as customers flock in, browsing through racks filled with clothing and shoes. The lively ambience mirrors that of other bustling markets across town like the vegetable and fruit market, pulsing with excitement and anticipation.

Delir’s journey to becoming the leading clothing seller in Salah ad Din province traces back to his childhood roots.

In 1987, five-year-old Delir, a Kurd, accompanied his family on a visit to his grandfather’s home in Tikrit. His family’s decision to remain in Tikrit instead of returning to Kirkuk unknowingly paved the way for Delir to become the most prominent clothing seller in Salah ad Din province.

With two decades of experience in the clothing industry under his belt, Delir’s store, located on al-Zuhur Street in central Tikrit, has become a beacon of style. Its popularity has soared to the extent that it attracts crowds from every corner of the country.

Reflecting on his journey, Delir shared, “My journey in the clothing industry began at a young age, working in a small shop on Doctors’ Street. Through relentless determination, I’ve built the largest clothing complex in Tikrit.”

Known for offering steep discounts on international brands, Delir has carved out a niche for his business, attracting customers far and wide. ” “I offer discounts on international brands, selecting exquisite pieces through my extensive experience. I have maintained strong relationships with traders both within Iraq and outside since 1997,” he explained.

While requests pour in to expand his business to other provinces, Delir remains rooted in Tikrit, a city he holds dear to his heart. “The success of my business is built on trust and credibility,” he emphasized. Sourcing merchandise and materials from Baghdad, Sulaymaniyah, China, Turkey, and India, Delir ensures a diverse and high-quality inventory for his customers.

Hamza Al-Obaidi, an employee at Delir’s store, attributed the business’s growth to its strong social media presence and engaging discounts. “Young people flock to Delir’s store for the latest fashion trends. Our prices range from 5,000 to 15,000 dinars,” Al-Obaidi remarked, underscoring the accessibility of fashion at Delir’s store.