Infrastructure plan underway

Mansour municipality completes infrastructure update under Embassies Bridge in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, September 2 — The Mansour Municipality has completed the development and rehabilitation of the area under the Embassies Bridge in the Hitteen neighborhood in western Baghdad.

This project involved paving the sidewalks and installing lighting under the bridge, which had previously served as a dumping ground for garbage. The work was carried out in the month of August as part of the infrastructure development plan, specifically the maintenance and lighting project under the Embassies Bridge.

The bridge connects the Hitteen neighborhood – Block 626 neighborhood with the neighboring Al-Amiriya area.

Local residents had requested the bridge be resurfaced to address the visible joints, which were causing significant damage to vehicles.

Huda Kamel, Mansour Municipality press representative, told 964: “We have initiated work as part of a plan to develop and rehabilitate vital bridge areas in Baghdad. The development included the placement of pavements, the removal of waste and debris, and the complete lighting of the area under the Embassies Bridge. We have also contacted the Projects Department at the Baghdad Municipality regarding the existing potholes before the bridge and the visible joints, and they will provide suitable solutions as soon as possible.”

Adi Al-Tamimi, an area resident shared: “The work is good, and the area under the bridge and its surroundings have become more beautiful. We hope that the development work continues, and an entrance to the Hitteen neighborhood from the expressway is opened to alleviate traffic congestion at the Police Tunnel.”

Abdullah Laith, another resident said: “Stray dogs used to gather under the bridge at night, and some residents used to dump garbage here. Now, the place is clean and elegant, suitable for the area. The bridge needs to be paved to ensure smooth traffic flow between Hitteen and Al-Amiriya.”

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