New IVF center in Kut offers couples hope for the future

KUT, July 26 — An in-vitro fertilization center in Kut is giving couples hope and the chance to start a family.

The Al-Jadiriya Private Hospital announced it had 42 pregnancies just one month since its opening. Doctors said they aim to keep costs reasonable in line with the local cost-of-living standard.

Elias Eid, a Syrian doctor at the hospital told 964: “We provide various services at the hospital, with the most important being that we are the first specialized hospital in Wasit for in-vitro fertilization (IVF), using German and Japanese equipment and the latest techniques.”

“In the first month since our inauguration, we received a total of 60 cases, out of which 42 cases resulted in successful pregnancies. This success rate is considered high and promising.”

“We carefully studied the financial aspect of IVF procedures, as the cost of living in Wasit is relatively low compared to other provinces. As a result, we managed to reduce the cost by 20%, equivalent to $1,000.”

“We also offer a new medical service in Wasit, which is embryo freezing, with a high level of safety, and they can be preserved for up to 15 years.”

“All the staff members at the hospital are locals from Wasit, except for me and my medical team, consisting of an Egyptian doctor and a Syrian assistant.”