PM meets Education International head

Sudani emphasizes importance of education reform

BAGHDAD, August 31 — Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al-Sudani emphasized the importance of reforming Iraq’s educational system and updating curricula during his meeting with a delegation from Education International in Baghdad on Thursday.

A statement from Al-Sudani’s press office said:

The Prime Minister received a delegation from the Education International organization, led by Mr. David Edwards, along with the President of the Advisory Board, the Chief of the Teachers’ Union, and the President of the Teachers’ Union in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, as well as an advisor to the Prime Minister for Education and Teaching Affairs.

The meeting discussed efforts to enhance teachers’ capabilities through advanced curricula, underscoring the significance of sustaining quality education as a collaborative mission involving organizations and unions dedicated to protecting the profession and improving teachers’ abilities.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of reforming the educational system, considering it a cornerstone for any reform. He noted that Iraq is a country of civilizations and was among the first to establish educational systems, thus obligating them to shoulder this responsibility.

He highlighted the immense commitments in this field, leading to the government’s adoption of the Education and Teaching Strategy (2022-2031) in collaboration with UNESCO, UNICEF, and the World Bank to enhance the educational landscape in Iraq.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister indicated the necessity of updating educational curricula and fostering collaborative relations between unions and relevant governmental institutions in the education sector. He also emphasized the importance of developing and equipping those engaged in these tasks.