Featuring 50 grape varieties

Duhok to host 6th annual “Grapes and Honey” exhibition

DUHOK, August 30 — Duhok’s Agriculture Directorate announced on Wednesday the start date of the 6th annual “Grapes and Honey” exhibition, featuring an anticipated display of 50 grape varieties and diverse types of natural honey.

Duhok is renowned for producing numerous grape varieties, including black, yellow, Taifi, Kamali, Halwani, Azarq, Hajazi, Kashmishi, Zaituni, Karkanki, and more.

Ahmad Jameel – Director of Duhok Agriculture for Network 964:

“The “Grapes and Honey” exhibition, under the direct supervision of Duhok’s Governor, will take place on September 20th. It will exclusively showcase various grape varieties and natural honey.”

“Duhok annually produces 120 grape varieties, and we aim to present 50 of them.”

“The exhibition aims to support local products and enhance their marketing.”